About the Founder:

In December 2006, the owner Beverly Lewis decided to establish the Beverly Lewis Foundation in hopes of helping children and grandparents in rural areas of the united states. Ms. Lewis was raised in Bainbridge Decatur County Georgia. She knows what it is like living in a rural area for a child when he or she does not have the tools needed to empower them to perform better in class, every day activities, and at home.

Ms. Lewis who reside in Florida is a full time student attending the University of Phoenix pursuing a doctoral degree in Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Organizational Psychology (Ph.d./IO), the owner of Lewis Consultant, and a grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren, four girls and one boy. Ms. Lewis  oldest grandaughter was accepted to the University of Miami Medical program 2010. Her second oldest granddaughter was accepted to FIU 2012 and received the Merit award and a scholarship. She will be pursuing a law degree.

Ms. Lewis knows how important grandparents are in the lives of their grandchildren and knows over 85,000,000 grandparents are left to raise their grandchildren. Ms. Lewis knows how important it is for us, as grandparents, to continue to enhance our knowledge with today’s learning tools, be there to help with homework, to understand the transition that their grandchildren are going through and having time to sit and talk so that the line of communication is the only option.

Ms. Lewis feels that as business people we must give back to our communities. She believes that youth who are in need of mentoring and striving to overcome obstacles they are faced with will have the chance to reach their dreams. By empowering, continue to learn, and grow with positive ideas that will help them to succeed on their journey to adulthood. As the good book states " do more for others then you do for yourself". Most human do not understand this term, not many even care to.

Her accomplishment:

Ms. Lewis was recognized as a top US business leader who has successfully integrated business and financial success with the support of the republican ideas. She serves as a honorary member of the Republic National Congressional Committee in Washington D.C. and a member of the American Psychological Association. She adds to her portfolio for 2006 an award from Andrx Pharmaceutical for an outstanding presentation on the concept of teamwork, 2006 Republican of the year award , 2006 National Leadership Award, The Congressional Metal of Distinction, and on March 15, 2007 she was honored in Washington D.C. as Businesswomen of the Year at the Washington Hilton. She also was invited and attended the 2007 President's Dinner on June 13, 2007 and June 18, 2008. She has 29 years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Masters in Management.  She is a woman with a mission and vision.

Ms. Lewis will continue to support the republican in D.C. serving as an NRCC member. Ms. Lewis associate in Washington D.C., Tom Cole, John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Congresswoman Vivian Fox and members of the National Republican Congressional Committee....Horay for the Republican!

Jorge Cimitier – President

Mr. Cimitier is a resident of South Florida. He grew up and was educated in
Miami- Dade County, Florida. He has a master degree in Business Administration from Florida
International University and the owner of a real estate 
investment and property appraisal company. In addition, currently works for Watson Pharmaceutical. Looking back on his childhood, Mr. Cimitier realizes that many children growing up today do not have the support system they need to reach their full potential; morally, academically, and spiritually.

As one of the contributors to the Beverly Lewis Foundation, Mr. Cimitier hopes to give
children the opportunities to improve their lives and to give them a sense of
hope. Children are the future of this country and even those individuals who
do not have a child have a stake in that future. Mr. Cimitier believes that if
even one child's life is changed for the better then all the work done has been
worthwhile. Mr. Cimitier believes that a child future is one of the best investment there is.

Our Team:

Brandon Martin, Esq. – Attorney for the Foundation
Plantation Fl. 33322

Dr. Sandra Cunningham – Volunteer/Mentor & Tutor

Hollis Cunningham – Mentor/Counselor Florida District

Joanne Alcendor – Volunteer Florida District

Linda Cunningham – Volunteer/ Florida District

Patricia Gaines – Volunteer/Georgia District

Ida Cunningham - Volunteer Georgia District

Amon T. Cunningham- Administrative Assistant Florida Office

Nisha Cunningham - Volunteer/ Florida District

Vincent Esposito - Team Leader/Volunteer Texas District

Laura Chiarallia - Volunteer Florida District




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